A rough week

It's Friday, the end of the week. A rough week actually!

My friend's dad died yesterday. May Allah bless and forgive him and grant him to Jannah. 

I have been suffering a bad toothache since Monday. I'm having a root canal next Monday. I have not been sleeping well, and last night was the worst. I can just take Tylenol or Motrin because I'm nursing :(

I'm snow fatigued!! We had 6 snow days in the last couple weeks and it's still snowing. We have tons of snow outside. 

I'm kind of worried about what's going on in Egypt. I'm glad that the people finally stood up to make the change we all have been waiting for in our Arab countries. Still worried that some sick people will use this to steal, destroy, and hurt others. Please keep praying for Egyptians.

Snow, toothache, and sadness result in zero motivation to do anything!!


  1. Hope you feel better soon :(
    When I fixed my teeth while pregnant or while nursing I always took Ibuprofen 600. Every 6 hours doctors suggested it and it worked well!
    Salamtik and inshallah all the snow will melt soon...Allah yi3eeenkom :)

  2. سلااامات يا قمر
    وجع السنان اصعب شي...الحمد لله ما عانيت منه وان شاء الله ما اعاني منه بس بشوف اللي حوالي ببطلو شايفين الضو بس يوجعوهم سنانهم :(
    الف سلامه يا رب

    وبالنسبة لاخوانا في مصر
    ربنا ينصرهم و يقويهم و يوصلهم للي بدهم اياه

  3. Nido.
    I'm taking Motrin (ibuprofin). I'm taking 2 tablets every 4 hours! Still the pain is unbearable. El7amdellah, anyway!
    I can't wait until tomorrow. Thanks 7abibti!

    Yes, toothache is really bad. Thanks 7abibti!
    Ameen for our sisters and brothers in Egypt.


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