2011 Resolutions

To be honest I never put a new year resolutions before. At the end of any year I just look back and see what I accomplished in that year; what are the best and worst things happened to me. I try to learn from my mistakes so I don't do them again. Or feel happy for the good things Allah helped me to do or achieve (since good things are always from Allah and bad things are from me and the devil).

Looking back at 2010, I see that the only and BEST thing I accomplished was having baby Abdurahman. I feel like I spent the whole year between pregnancy, delivery, and taking care of him. I know that I had rough times during these days but it is all worth it. Seeing him smiling which just happened recently erases all those hard moments.

Now writing down my 2011 resolutions:
  • Finishing my PhD!!!! It has been one of my goals for the last three years and unfortunately it was not achieved :( I'm optimistic that I will be able to do it this year though, inshallah!
  • Losing weight. I guess this is another repeated resolution because I always want to lose weight no matter how thin I am :) I also need to exercise on a routine basis. I'm thinking about doing some Yoga this year.
  • I will try to forgive myself and others more.
  • I will show my husband, kids, and anyone I love how much I care about them.
  • I will think and maybe start working on that thing, my own thing, I want to do. Something I really enjoy doing and will benefit others. More details to come...
Have a peaceful and healthy new year, everyone!


    1. happy new year dear,
      يا رب تقدري تحققي كل شي بتممنيه
      ويحفظ لك عبد الرحمن وبسماته واخواته
      والبابا كمان

      تفاؤلوا بالخير تجدوه يا بطه

    2. Inshallah u will achieve all ur resolutions before the end of 2011 :)

      I find that taking care of the sweet angels is more than a success :)


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