I'm back :)

Actually, it did not take that long! I mean my break from blogging. Well, I promised to come back only when I have something good to talk about and I'm not sure if I have that thing. But I feel so good these days, and may be telling you how good I feel deserves blogging. Maybe I have to, after I bothered you with all those depressing posts!!!

Thank God I'm feeling better. The last couple of months were miserable. I guess I started to feel lonely, overwhelmed, and depressed the day my husband went back to work after the c-section. I had to resume my all responsibilities as a mom and wife, and I guess I was not fully ready to do so. Despite all my husband's help and understanding, I still could not manage it. I needed help, mentally and physically. But my husband was there all the time. I guess without his support, help, and love, I wouldn't be able to move on and feel better.

I was so sensitive, emotional, and confused. I couldn't control my feelings, and I even couldn't think right. I found myself getting angry for the silliest things. I couldn't handle crying for nothing. When I remember these things now, I feel so silly!!

Okay, what happened to make things better? I have no idea! And I think I'm not all better, but much better, I guess. I feel myself again, I can think right again, and I can enjoy things again! One of the things that helped was going out more. I stayed home most of the time in the last couple of months. Having a newborn and nursing him made hanging out uneasy. Cold weather made things more miserable. So last week my husband decided to work from home for the whole week so I can hang out everyday in the morning while the girls at school. He took care of the baby while I'm out. I had the chance to do something different each day. I went shopping on one day, had a lunch with my girl friends on another day. Feeling free again made all the difference.

Before getting to the end of this post I just want to mention something. Few weeks ago I wrote something about friendship; how keeping up friendship is hard. It's true, especially when you feel down. It's sometimes not your friends' fault as it's yours. Mad people can't be understanding and forgiving as they should be. I know that I have always to find excuses and to give more chances to my friends, but I didn't. I need to listen more and talk less, since talking does not always help. It didn't help in my case!

I guess that was a long post. Thanks for hanging on with me! It feels good to be back :)


My new cooking blog!

I decided to create a separate blog for my cooking recipes: Susu's Kitchen. I kept all the old recipes here but from now on I will post the new recipes in that blog. Yesterday I posted a new recipe so check it out!

I hope you like my new blog :)


Guest post 1: Its all in the eye of the beholder

Here is the first "guest post". It's written by my husband, who was behind this post's idea as I mentioned in my previous post. He is the one who encouraged me to create this blog. And he is one of my regular readers who I look forward to hear his opinion after each post I publish.  

I'll leave you now with his post. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  

"Well, I guess a "thank you" is in order since Susu invited me to post here, something that I intentionally and successfully avoided until now - Blogging! ;) However, this will teach me to hold my tong unless I'm prepared to be a guinea pig, after all this was my idea!

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against blogging, in fact I nudged Susu into it (& I'm glad I did), its just that growing up I was a socially shy kid, and I guess this turned into a private personality as I grew older. Still, I was one curious kid.

I was eager to learn and explore, sometimes to my harm, but still it was a whole lot of fun and very, very exciting. One of my uncles likes to remind me how rebellious I was, as I didn't listen much and liked doing things my way, often the wrong way. I'm sure many will associate with this, its just the nature of kids. Its a thing most adults miss and long for when thinking of their childhood. So what happened to our curiosity? I think its mostly still there, deep down somewhere. Its just one's responsibilities had been racking up all these years until we ended up what we are now, "boring adults".

But just when we realize that we started forgetting our curiosity, God blesses us with the antidote, children. First, we learn (and then relearn) how to raise them, which is an experience by itself. But then an amazing thing happens, something you knew is coming but you never fully appreciated until now: a brand new curious being is brought into this world, with absolutely no preconceptions, and they're completely attached to you. You start to rediscover the world through their eyes, not because you need the knowledge, but because you long for the experience. You rediscover how much fun sand is, how exhilarating a slide is, how much you miss your bike, and how quickly your energy gets drained compared to your kids! - by the way, the last one is the only thing stopping you from buying a bike :)

Often, we quickly slip back into our "boring adult" mind set. We like to say the world have changed a lot, but the world never changes, its we who change, its all in the eye of the beholder.

I just wish I can get myself to rediscover more, to spend less time being a boring adult, to spend more time with my kids as a kid not a parent, I know I'll live better. My kids do."


Guest Post!!

Last night my husband got an awesome idea for my blog which I found really interesting. He suggested me to invite some of my readers to write a post for me that I can publish on my blog. I decided to call it a "Guest Post". The guest author will pick the topic. This post will appear on my blog once a month. 
Now, if you happened to comment on one of my posts expect me to send you an invitation :)

Since my hubby is the one who suggested this and since he is one of my regular readers, he is gonna have to be the first to invite. Waiting for your post, honey :)

I guess this is going to be a good come back!


Taking a break!

I decided to take a break from blogging! I'm not sure how long it is going to last. Maybe hours, days, or weeks, but I won't be back until I have something I feel good to write about. 

Until then I wish you all a happy winter!


This pining feeling!

I just feel like missing someone. I terribly miss my mom that I can't get her out of my mind. I miss my sisters and brother. I miss my girl friends back home. 

I miss being myself again!!


Happy snow day, Amman!

I was reading Al-Ghad newspaper this morning as I do everyday when I saw the pictures of snow in Jordan. I was so glad to know that it is finally raining and snowing there after all those dry days. 

Those pictures took me back to my childhood days in Amman. When snow days were our favorite days each winter. When my older sister used to look through the window 50 times every minute to check how much snow out there. When we used to pray all night to have no school the next day. When we all used to sit around the heater eating chestnuts while watching Egyptian plays. When we used to go out play with our neighbors in the snow despite all my mom's warnings of getting frozen hands. 

How much I miss those days! I don't miss snow. It's actually snowing right now through my window. I just miss those snowy days and... I miss Amman.


ME freaking out!!

First, Thanks to Wafa' for tagging me in "7 weird facts about yourself" post. Right now I think I'm all weird and everything about me is weird as well, seriously! So until I get out of this phase, I can't tell the 7 weirdest facts about me ;)

Second, I'm really not a drama queen who tends to overreact to seemingly minor incidents. But I recently can't deny that I act like a one. I'm starting to be a boring blogger, I know :(

Let's change the subject before I say something that could make anyone mad. Guess what, this brought another subject here. It is about my blog and people in my personal life like family and friends who read it!! I'm the one who chose to share my blog with friends when I posted a link to it on FB, since it was the place where I wanted to post my food recipes. To be honest, I didn't expect everyone knows about it to read it on a regular basis. 

The reason I'm talking about this that I recently started to hesitate talking about some stuff in my life because at some point it could be related to one of the readers. I didn't want my blog to be a secret in the first place, however I wanted to write everything I feel talking, good or bad, with no limits. Sometimes I pretend that I don't know any of my readers in person so I can write whatever I want, but before publishing the post I find my self changing a word or another, deleting a sentence or even a paragraph!! I love my friends and I don't want them to get mad, so what do you think, do I need to stop talking about things that are related to my readers?

Before letting you go, here is an update about my weight. I have not been counting points for a while now because, I guess, I'm not in a good mood. However, I'm still watching my food. I mean I try to eat healthy as much as I can and I guess this is the whole point from WW plan. I lost only one pound since my last post which brings the total weight lost to 8 lb in less than a month. This is not bad but I think I need to keep going on eating healthier with or without counting points.

Have a good weekend everyone!
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