Happy snow day, Amman!

I was reading Al-Ghad newspaper this morning as I do everyday when I saw the pictures of snow in Jordan. I was so glad to know that it is finally raining and snowing there after all those dry days. 

Those pictures took me back to my childhood days in Amman. When snow days were our favorite days each winter. When my older sister used to look through the window 50 times every minute to check how much snow out there. When we used to pray all night to have no school the next day. When we all used to sit around the heater eating chestnuts while watching Egyptian plays. When we used to go out play with our neighbors in the snow despite all my mom's warnings of getting frozen hands. 

How much I miss those days! I don't miss snow. It's actually snowing right now through my window. I just miss those snowy days and... I miss Amman.


  1. Your post made all these sweet memories live again. I miss those days too and I miss Amman and my family too much. El7amdollah for the snow and rain in Jordan, el7amdollah

  2. home sweet home

    sweet memories,,,


  3. Ohoud and naysan,
    Glad you enjoyed my memories :)


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