ME freaking out!!

First, Thanks to Wafa' for tagging me in "7 weird facts about yourself" post. Right now I think I'm all weird and everything about me is weird as well, seriously! So until I get out of this phase, I can't tell the 7 weirdest facts about me ;)

Second, I'm really not a drama queen who tends to overreact to seemingly minor incidents. But I recently can't deny that I act like a one. I'm starting to be a boring blogger, I know :(

Let's change the subject before I say something that could make anyone mad. Guess what, this brought another subject here. It is about my blog and people in my personal life like family and friends who read it!! I'm the one who chose to share my blog with friends when I posted a link to it on FB, since it was the place where I wanted to post my food recipes. To be honest, I didn't expect everyone knows about it to read it on a regular basis. 

The reason I'm talking about this that I recently started to hesitate talking about some stuff in my life because at some point it could be related to one of the readers. I didn't want my blog to be a secret in the first place, however I wanted to write everything I feel talking, good or bad, with no limits. Sometimes I pretend that I don't know any of my readers in person so I can write whatever I want, but before publishing the post I find my self changing a word or another, deleting a sentence or even a paragraph!! I love my friends and I don't want them to get mad, so what do you think, do I need to stop talking about things that are related to my readers?

Before letting you go, here is an update about my weight. I have not been counting points for a while now because, I guess, I'm not in a good mood. However, I'm still watching my food. I mean I try to eat healthy as much as I can and I guess this is the whole point from WW plan. I lost only one pound since my last post which brings the total weight lost to 8 lb in less than a month. This is not bad but I think I need to keep going on eating healthier with or without counting points.

Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. I think what you're really asking is: should I treat my blog as my diary?
    I would strongly argue that a blog is most certainly not a diary. Having said that, a blog is a place where you write about things that interest you personally, but it should never be personal. Keep the two separate and you won't have to censor your posts for content. Nevertheless, I enjoy reading your blog, so blog on Susu!!


  2. Sinano,
    I knew you would say that :)
    I don't think I'm treating my blog as a diary! But I agree that I need to stop talking about personal issues. I don't promise though ;)
    I love when you comment. You are my favorite!
    Love you

  3. I know that that i have some friends and relatives who are following my blog,i have several hesitations before blogging about some issues ,i don't want to my blog to be a personal diary but i want to write whats bothering me and to discuss some situations ,to have some opinions from other strangers online without having concerns or being judged .
    anyhow, i think you should write freely,as long as you don't offend or insult any one directly.
    you are just expressing your feelings and they should accept it.
    have a great day
    keep on the healthy habits.

  4. naysan,
    This is exactly how I feel! I agree with you. As long as I don't insult anyone I should keep writing. Thanks for the advice sweety :)


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