Guest post 1: Its all in the eye of the beholder

Here is the first "guest post". It's written by my husband, who was behind this post's idea as I mentioned in my previous post. He is the one who encouraged me to create this blog. And he is one of my regular readers who I look forward to hear his opinion after each post I publish.  

I'll leave you now with his post. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  

"Well, I guess a "thank you" is in order since Susu invited me to post here, something that I intentionally and successfully avoided until now - Blogging! ;) However, this will teach me to hold my tong unless I'm prepared to be a guinea pig, after all this was my idea!

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against blogging, in fact I nudged Susu into it (& I'm glad I did), its just that growing up I was a socially shy kid, and I guess this turned into a private personality as I grew older. Still, I was one curious kid.

I was eager to learn and explore, sometimes to my harm, but still it was a whole lot of fun and very, very exciting. One of my uncles likes to remind me how rebellious I was, as I didn't listen much and liked doing things my way, often the wrong way. I'm sure many will associate with this, its just the nature of kids. Its a thing most adults miss and long for when thinking of their childhood. So what happened to our curiosity? I think its mostly still there, deep down somewhere. Its just one's responsibilities had been racking up all these years until we ended up what we are now, "boring adults".

But just when we realize that we started forgetting our curiosity, God blesses us with the antidote, children. First, we learn (and then relearn) how to raise them, which is an experience by itself. But then an amazing thing happens, something you knew is coming but you never fully appreciated until now: a brand new curious being is brought into this world, with absolutely no preconceptions, and they're completely attached to you. You start to rediscover the world through their eyes, not because you need the knowledge, but because you long for the experience. You rediscover how much fun sand is, how exhilarating a slide is, how much you miss your bike, and how quickly your energy gets drained compared to your kids! - by the way, the last one is the only thing stopping you from buying a bike :)

Often, we quickly slip back into our "boring adult" mind set. We like to say the world have changed a lot, but the world never changes, its we who change, its all in the eye of the beholder.

I just wish I can get myself to rediscover more, to spend less time being a boring adult, to spend more time with my kids as a kid not a parent, I know I'll live better. My kids do."


  1. susu's husband,
    welcome to blogging,
    that was very nice to read,i guess we all as parents are suffering from this symptom:lack of energy.
    being boring is more comfortable than being curious.

  2. susus husband i think this is the first step of starting your own blog.. yala susu give him a nudge its really addictive once you start and have ur own readers :)

  3. Sob7an allah me and my brother's wife were talking about something nearly the same, we were at the park with my little lovely niece and I ride the swing for sure but I wished if I can run and throw myself on the grass and start rolling there as my niece did ... I feel sad when I become sure that I reached the "boring adults" stage

    Welcome to the blogging world and as Dino$ said...this is the first step of starting ur own blog ...I assure u it's a wonderful world here :)

  4. I was born again with the birth of my two girls and I feel I'm growing up and learning just by watching them grow and learn in front of me :)

    Susu's husband, I hope your wife feels better soon. What's better than having such a loving & a supportive husband :) You guys make a great family/team! All the best and enjoy blogging, always!

  5. maaan what u wrote is awsome ... i think susu must drag u to get ur own blog now ...
    the words and thoughts flow smoothly just like majic..the mere concept of childhood and boring adulthood is really provoking ..
    good job
    well done
    regards to ur wife

  6. Thanks for all your kind comments Susu's readers! I appreciate your feedback and encouragement, however I'm afraid I will go back now to enjoying my overly private way of life, or whatever is left of it, reading your comments passively ;)

    Take care.


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