This pining feeling!

I just feel like missing someone. I terribly miss my mom that I can't get her out of my mind. I miss my sisters and brother. I miss my girl friends back home. 

I miss being myself again!!


  1. this is painful,ayyyy ya 2albi.

    ان شاء الله تشوفيهم قريباً وتشبعي منهم

  2. We go through a lot after we give birth, Especially if we are far away and have no real close relatives and friends around to help us out or even to cheer us up. Allah yi3eeenik! Rabna yisahhil 3alaiki and hopefully you'll see your loved ones soon!
    Thanks for asking about my blog...after almost 4 years I decided I should blog for my immediate family only, otherwise it's too much responsibility!! I still read your blog and I wish you the best always :)!

  3. ربنا يكون معك و يجمعك مع اهلك و احبابك و صديقاتك عن قريب

  4. naysan and Whisper,
    Inshallh 3an 2areeb! Thanks sweeties :)

    I know, I'm having baby blues. I'm trying so hard to get over this phase! It really affects my mood and so actions so bad! I regret a lot because I lose my temper so easily :(
    I will miss your blog, but it's okay as long as you feel comfortable.
    Glad you are still stopping by! I would love to hear from you always :)

  5. ان شاءالله تشوفيهم قريبا و تقضي افضل الاوقات معهام يارب

  6. Inshallah Wafa'. Thanks for the support :)


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