Zero productivity!

Oh yeah, I have zero productivity this Ramadan (except for cooking). Half of Ramadan has past already, and I still can't get to the lack of sleep, caffeine, and FOOD! I bet it's hard in the Arab countries, but it's harder here in the US. I'm really glad that my kids are going back to school after Ramadan, or it's going to be a big mess.

This Ramadan, I'm more into cooking. I almost cook everyday! I guess, I get too hungry! I also make a dessert almost everyday. I feel like I can't survive the night without a dessert. 

I want to share all the recipes of the things I tried with you. But, unfortunately, I didn't take pictures for everything I made. Anyway, I've started today to post some recipes on my other blog. I hope you check them out. You'll find the link under the following pictures.

Hope you all are having a blessed Ramadan!


‪I love Dayem

I really don't because I simply never tried Dayem products!! But this is my daughters' favorite commercial on TV this Ramadan, and it's mine too! My favorite part is Qaddafi's voice in the background, do you hear it ? :)

Zanga, zanga. Dar, Dar!


Chocolate buscuit cake (Lazy cake)

Find the recipe for this yummy cake on my cooking blog. My kids and hubby loved it. It was a pleasant change after eating too much Arabic dessert in Ramadan :)


Ramadan Mubarak!

I hope everyone's Ramadan is going well! Mine is good so far alhamdulellah. The first couple of days were too long but it's getting smoother with the days passing. May Allah make it easy on all of us, and accept our fasting and prayers in this month.

Since I spend a quality time in the kitchen during Ramadan, I will try to share some of the recipes on my cooking blog. I will leave you now with some pictures for the dishes I made so far.


 Freekeh with chicken

 Veg. soup


 Kofta with tahini sauce and basmati rice


  Knafeh - cup cake style :)

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