Zero productivity!

Oh yeah, I have zero productivity this Ramadan (except for cooking). Half of Ramadan has past already, and I still can't get to the lack of sleep, caffeine, and FOOD! I bet it's hard in the Arab countries, but it's harder here in the US. I'm really glad that my kids are going back to school after Ramadan, or it's going to be a big mess.

This Ramadan, I'm more into cooking. I almost cook everyday! I guess, I get too hungry! I also make a dessert almost everyday. I feel like I can't survive the night without a dessert. 

I want to share all the recipes of the things I tried with you. But, unfortunately, I didn't take pictures for everything I made. Anyway, I've started today to post some recipes on my other blog. I hope you check them out. You'll find the link under the following pictures.

Hope you all are having a blessed Ramadan!


  1. Ramadan Kareem!
    I love your pictures and I feel the EXACT same way this year! I feel bad, but a majority of my day at work is spent looking up recipes! NOT very productive, lol.

  2. Ramadan Mubarak to both of you!

    @Little P: LOL! Same here. It's all about food and recipes during the day :)


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