Chocolate buscuit cake (Lazy cake)

Find the recipe for this yummy cake on my cooking blog. My kids and hubby loved it. It was a pleasant change after eating too much Arabic dessert in Ramadan :)


  1. why is it called lazy cake or did you call it such name !!

    sounds delicious like everything chocolate :)

  2. Wafa',
    I really don't know!! I'm not even not sure about the spelling, but this is what we name it in Jordan. I tried to google the real name and could not find it.

    Anyway, it tastes so good so the name doesn't matter :)

    I hope your Ramadan is going so well. Taqabal Allah 7abibti.

    1. Hi,
      I really like your blog. This cake is my favorite. We call it "pyramid cake" in Turkey, cause we give that shape to it. I used to make it a lot but my hubby don't like it much and I don't want to gain weight :)so i don't do it anymore.


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