Thank you!

I didn't know how sad my yesterday's post was until I got some of your messages, calls, and comments. I really appreciate your concern. I feel better today, still not in a perfect mood and still can't get some of the things happening around, but I'm trying to be wise and forget about it. 

Thank you, my friends!


  1. Oh Susu, glad that you are better. Sometimes reality hits hard and hurts but it's good to know who is your friend. It takes time to recover but at the end you should be proud that no more time is wasted and now you know who deserves to stay with or to leave behind.

  2. glad that you are feeling better now, inshAllah always dear :)

  3. Ohoud,
    One of my problems that it takes too long with me to get over things. I hate this about myself :(
    Thanks 7abibti!

    Thanks sweetie :)

  4. Al7amdolellah that u feel good now...inshallah all ur life to be full with happiness :)


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