Sometimes I wish I could just press rewind!

Don't you wish that sometimes? I'm not sure if I would do any better but I just wish!! I have nothing much to say today. Feeling down, sick, and not in the mood :(

Anyway here are some updates:
  • I'm trying to get back to work on my research.
  • Still watching my weight. I lost a couple of pounds in the last week.
  • Thanksgiving break was OK. Lots of ups and downs, but I was so glad to have my husband and kids around all the time.
  • I thought finding a good friend is hard, but discovered that keeping up friendship is much harder.


  1. Susu 7abibti
    I don't think that with the rewind button we can do any don't look back, heads up and move forward :)
    I am sorry that you are feeling down, I wish I am there by you so we can keep each other company like we used to do!! I REALLY miss those days!!
    Take care dear FRIEND and be sure always that there is a friend back in AR that loves you :)
    Hugs & kisses

  2. 7abibti ....all our life is full with ups and downs but as I can see wal7amdolellah ur ups are more :)
    losing pounds plus ur sweet family ...mashallah that's very good

    About loosing friends ..I have a theory here, give another chance and if they stay the same,u know that they were not FRIENDS... just people passed by our lives...

    Have a wonderful day :)

  3. Dr. N,
    Your sweet words brought tears to my eyes. I was so happy to see your comment; it made my day :)
    Thanks 7abibti! You were and will be always one of the dearest friends to my heart.
    By the way, I'm feeling much better today :)
    Love ya

    You are so sweet and I'm so glad that I got the chance to know you :)
    Sometimes you just see the empty side of the glass no matter how small it is. But you're right I should be grateful for everything I have, el7amdellah.
    About friends, you are absolutely right. I will adopt your theory, I guess!
    Hope you have a good day too :)

  4. cheer up Susu,belive me as you said to find a good friend in these days very hard at least in my opinion,so if i found a good friend like you that means i found a real diamond,and i think that's very rare!
    for a person like me i really appreciate the friendship so if any MISUNDERSTOO may be happend sometimes that's very normal becaus we are human being not an angel!and that can happend from time to time,the only thing i can do is to go over it and just name it MISUNDERSTOOD,belive me i did that all the time only with my friends that i care about, but the friends are not close to my heart i will never do that becaus as your friend said they were not a friends just people passed by!that's a good way to keep your good friends aroun you for ever.
    i hope you to be always in a good mood Susu begad aldonya mosh mestahla:(

  5. Nazek,
    Thanks 7abibti for cheering me up! I'm trying to get over it.
    I was in a bad mood when I wrote this post. I was just trying to get some of the things inside me out. I find this blog the space where I can talk freely about things happening in my life, good or bad, despite the fact that I know some of my readers in person.
    I'm lucky to be one of your good friends. I hope I will be always a real friend to you because this is how I feel about you.


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