Another random update!!

While some of you are still celebrating Eid, our one-day Eid is wrapped up and everyone is back to work/school. The girls and hub enjoyed having the day off. We went to the prayer in the morning and then had our breakfast at the Islamic center. The girls enjoyed their new clothes and money gifts from dad. Later that day we got the chance to see our friends and have dinner together at one of the girls' favorite restaurant. 

For me, I was not happy that I couldn't fit in any of the nice clothes I was planning to wear for Eid. Still, I managed to wear something else and it looked okay.

Talking about getting back in shape, I'm starting my weight watchers (WW) plan. I know that I will lose the pregnancy weight eventually, but I wanted to get faster results. I was motivated by some blogger friends who really got good results. I thought sharing this with everyone would be like those WW meetings where you need to show others the results you got. This will make it more serious and will make me stick to the plan. I will be posting another post regarding my WW later on.

Now, let's talk FUN. I went shopping last week. I got  to buy myself some gifts!! Yes, it was my birthday last month which happened to be few days before the baby delivery which also happened to be couple of weeks before our anniversary, so my hubby wanted me to pick the Birthday/anniversary/baby gift(s) by myself.

My Birthday cake

Our anniversary cake

I got to pick whatever I want, so I got this handbag and those sunglasses from Bloomingdales (I still need to pick one more thing):

So when I was not able to enjoy my clothes, those were great because they fit just FINE :)

I hope you all had a great Eid.


  1. i love the second cake, looks delicious, lol.
    Happy aniversary and happy birthday too :)

    And you are right bags always fit, i love them and i like your bag a lot :)

  2. Happy everything hehe,love the bag :D tehreehom bil hana ;D

  3. Happy Birthday and happy anniversary to u ya amar :)

    For me.... accessories specially rings are the first things to buy : )

  4. happy birthday and anniversary your gift picks are so adorable... enjoy!

  5. Wafa',
    This cake was really good!
    That's why I love handbags and shoes shopping; they always fit perfectly :) Thanks 7abibti!

    m2adameh! Thanks :)

    Thanks for the nice wishes! I also love rings, but I was craving those handbag and sunglasses so bad :)

    Thanks for the sweet wishes! I'm glad you liked them.


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