Postpartum Therapy

OK, Baby Abdurahman is four weeks old. I'm feeling much better el7amdellah, and baby Abdurahman is much bigger. However, I still feel overwhelmed! Still can't get back to my pre-pregnancy well-organized life! Too many things I need to start working on. No motivation to do anything though! I'm sure the first thing to jump to your mind as you read this are the postpartum hormonal changes I'm going through. It surely is :(

To overcome those symptoms I decided to have some therapies :)

First, a message therapy. I have a bad pain in the neck and shoulders area that is going to kill me. I guess this makes me in need for such a therapy. I'll try to make an appointment for next week.

Second, some retail therapy! I guess it's the ladies favorite therapy. Shopping is always soothing! I enjoy shopping either in stores or online. I have been surfing the web recently looking for nice boots.

Because I had swollen feet during pregnancy, and due to the fact that I was not able to wear anything except for my Kate spade flip flop (which turned to be so ugly due to excessive use and weight), I really miss shoes, real shoes, especially those yummy high heels :)

However, I'm thinking about getting one of those tall boots with low heels since they are so trendy this winter. Some of the boots I found online and I really like are those UGG boots in the pictures below.

Those low heel boots for a stylish look.

Or maybe those for a funky look!

Or maybe those if I decided to go with wedge boots.

On the other hand, I really like those peeptoe booties which were so trendy in the summer. I'm not sure about getting one now but maybe next summer! I like those Guess booties. So stylish :)

Awesome, I feel better already  :)

I'm going shopping this week. I need to get the kids new clothes for the Eid, and some stuff for me (including the boots). Keep tuned to know the winner boots!

Eid Mubarak in advance!


  1. Congratulations on your new addition :)
    God bless him...
    I agree shopping really freshens up the soul!

  2. Yup, shopping is mood lifting. I loved loved the third boot :)

    Eid Mubarak to you and your family Susu :)It has been only 4 weeks, give it little more time, things will fall in place soon inshaAllah

  3. ohhhh i am in pain now. the last picture was a quick therapy lol

    but i really do hope that you will be better soon inshAllah :)

    And Happy Eid :)

  4. الحمدلله على سلامتك ويا رب يحميه ويحفظه هو و اخواته

    both therapies are great although i don't think online shopping gives the same pleasure of direct shopping.
    liked no.1 and 3 most

  5. Rina,
    Thanks! Glad you stopped by :)

    The third one is my favorite too! Eid mubarak to you too habibti :)

    LOL! Thanks habibti, inshallah, I'm optimistic :)
    Happy Eid to you too!

    Thanks for stopping by! I agree that store shopping is more refreshing, but it's good to check what the store is having before heading there :)


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