Weight Watchers and I

As I promised previously, I'm posting about my weight watchers (WW) plan. I started the plan about 10 days ago, and I lost about 5 pounds so far. BTW, I'm not enrolled in WW, but I'm using their points system. If you're not familiar with WW, it's a weight loss plan that is based on calculating daily points for the food you're consuming everyday. Every food or drink has a certain number of points. You can eat whatever you choose as long as you stay under your daily points. .

As I mentioned in a previous post, I gained a lot during pregnancy (about 50-ish). I lost some pounds after delivery but I still need to lose about 30 - 35 pounds to get in shape. My daily points are 32 points (including 10 points for nursing). 

I find myself sometimes can't count the points for some meals, especially the ones I cook from our middle eastern kitchen, so I count how many points left for this meal and try to guess how many points in my plate based on the ingredients. I use this website to calculate how many points each food deserve based on calories and fat. I find it so helpful! I also use it when I eat out to check the restaurant's menu and see how many points in the food I'm ordering.

When you follow the plan, you will find yourself picking healthier food. You will trade small chunks of fatty high calories food with bigger full of vegetables plates.

My dinner the other day(this is btw an oven-baked chicken breast)

Previous weight:161 lb
Current weight (as of 11/23): 156 lb


  1. interesting way of controlling your weight! My friend has been asking me for a weight losing plan but im too lazy to make one for her, so i will recommend this site for her :) thanks for sharing!! what's important is that you do it slowly so with time it becomes like yr life style and then you'll be able to keep the weight stable...
    good luck susuuuu :D

  2. I'm trying to do it slowly. Actually my husband thinks it's too much to lose 5 lb in 10 days while nursing. Anyway, I'm taking today off to enjoy tonight's turkey :)
    Hope you have a nice day!

  3. Well, it's always hard to lose weight at the first, so these 5 lb were lost really quick so you better be careful...later on, in 2 or three weeks from now, try not to lose more than 1-1.5Kg/week = 2.2-3.3Ib/week, otherwise its gonna be hard to maintain the desired weight!
    Hope you had a great thanksgiving dinner ;)


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