Why Am I desperately looking forward to April?!!

  • It's going to be officially Spring here. I miss Spring already!
  • Baby Aboudy will be bigger (around 6 months old), which means sleeping through the night (or at least this is what I'm hoping)! I really can't wait to get at least 5 continuous hours of sleep!
  • I'll be in my pre-pregnancy weight, hopefully!!! I'm counting on the coming months to lose the extra weight.
  • It's going to be only two months away from our trip to Amman. I miss my family and friends so much!
  • I will be done with my second dissertation paper by then, hopefully. I'll try my best!!
  • I went through a lot in the last few months. I guess by April, things will be cleared out! Also, the postpartum phase will be behind and so the right decisions about things and people around will be made. No vagueness, not anymore!!


  1. Inshallah by April all ur planes to be done :)

    Ho fe 2a7la men Nysan :)

  2. inshAllah April will be soon and everything you wished and planned for will happen as smoothly as you wish for :)

  3. غمضي عين وفتحي عين...بتلاقي نيسان عالباب:))))يا دوبك تلحقي تجهزي كم شغله والا انت في عمان

  4. Thanks Ladies! Just keep me in your prayers. I really need your dua to get my work done!


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