Appalled too!

This video got me really, really mad when I first saw it on Facebook. Not only because this first grader kid was verbally and physically abused by his teacher, but also because the teacher and the other one who is filming are using the kid's fear and tears for fun. You can see how both of them are enjoying the kid's begging as you hear them chuckling in the background. I was just hoping this video to spread so the kid's family see it and take action toward the teacher. I believe this teacher should not be only prevented from teaching, she should be taken to court too.
I was glad last night to know that this got Queen Rania's attention and that they are trying to find the teacher now. 


  1. OMG, I couldn't finish the whole video. This is unbelievably curl. I had the shivers watching that poor little kid begging for her mercy. I am going to say this in Arabic, I can't help not saying it:
    الله لا يعطيها العافيه.

  2. like Dr.N, i couldn't continue watching, less than a minute and i was about to cry with the baby. And if you see since the moment he came to her for begging there were tears in his eyes, so it was happening for some time before the filming.
    فعلا الله لايعطيها العافية و يرعبها زي مارعبته

  3. Frankly I was shocked that everyone seemed so shocked about this..min mata ma bte3rafo 3n el t3leem w msaibo bil ordon?I mean this has been happening for a long time now and I have witnessed it
    I mean it's good that this tape came out in public so that we could do something about it maybe,but it's not really a big deal worse than this happens especially in males high schools..w ma adraka ma el male high's like inmates in a prison there..
    Question was this recorded..just curious cause it seems that the one holding the camera was awfully close to what was happening..if the camera person thought it was terrible and should be published on youtube why didn't he/she stop it instead of just recording it like that?
    so..I don't know you tell me

  4. Susu, i just saw this on Facebook. They found the teacher who did this to the child.

  5. I was so mad too when I watched this video. What a sick teacher! Very glad that this got Queen Rania attention and they found the teacher and inshaAllah the appropriate action will be taken gainst her.

  6. We've been talking about this for days. I wonder if we can ever change..

    Also, btw, I tagged you :)

  7. Dr. N, Wafa', and Ohoud,
    Those two teachers are absolutely sick! Having a degree in a specific subject doesn't mean being qualified to teach. Being able to love, understand and cope with children should make good teachers! I was glad to hear that those teachers were found!

    We all know that this is not the first case in Jordan. And also I know how bad the situation in some public schools, but honestly this is the first time I see a teacher threatening a kid for just fun. What makes it worse that they are filming their crime. I’m not with you though that the one who published is the same one who took the video. I believe that while they were showing/sharing this with some people around, one of them decided to publish it (because I’m sure she/he didn’t like the content).
    And I’m not with you about not getting mad to see this because it’s just common in our schools! We all should stand against this. We all should ask for better education and better teachers to our kids! Thanks sweety for the input ☺

    Maybe someday we can make a change! Thanks for the tag. I will post mine soon ☺

  8. I didn't say we shouldn't be mad about this I said it's good that it was published so that we can do something about it,I'm saying that this video coming out in public suddenly at this timing and getting that huge attention is a little strange for me
    Anyway I said what I thought about this here:
    Hope you got my point :)

  9. I got your point! I guess with internet no one can hide nothing, and so things are easily getting attention.
    Hope change is coming soon!
    Loved your new picture :)


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