A night post!

It's another snow day, or you can call it an ice day. Despite the fact that I'm not a fan of snow anymore, I was glad to get some extra sleep this morning after the hard time I had last night after the root canal. Sad to say that I need to go back in three weeks to get the root canal done, because the dentist said it can't be done in one session!!

It's 8:10 PM now and we just came back home couple of hours ago! Yes, we went out in this messy weather to get our hair cut, I mean the girls' and mine, while hubby (or the boys) went to grab some pizza. Just finished dinner, before hubby shut his office's door to finish his late meeting, one of those several nightly meetings he has to do every week with overseas workmates. He recently discovered that he has to travel to Singapore around the end of this month. I was not happy to hear that since I'm not a fan of his work trips, neither his late meetings.

I just got an email that schools are closing tomorrow. Ice storm is supposed to get worse tonight. Hopefully there will be no power outage. I also hope we have a better day than today because everything was not going right since the morning. Started with a call that made me really angry.  It's unbelievable how impolite some people could be! And ended up with some damages in my car and home appliances!

Now I'll leave you with a quote by Amr khaled. I like it because I find (found) it somehow true:
إذا رفعت أحد فوق قدره ... فتوقع منه ان يضعك دون قدرك

Good night!


  1. what a day !!!
    الله يعطيكِ العافيه

  2. Salamtek Susu, and 7amdalleh 3ala elsalameh. I had two root canals done two years ago and I know it hurts! But when you are done, you will be glad that you did it because you will see how nice it is to be pain free inshaAllah. We have the same snow/ice story in ma. It's crazy! Na3eeman for you and the girls. InshaAllah your husband will be back bealsalameh.


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