Home alone!!

I know that you can't be "home alone" with three kids, no one can be! But this is how I feel when hubby is traveling. He's in Singapore until Thursday. We can't wait for him to come back!

I have not been into blogging recently. However I have a lot to blog about, but I guess with things happening in the Middle East, everything does not seem worthy to talk about. The good thing that I can see the change coming, regardless of the rough/long way. The Arab world will be a better place soon inshallah. 

I learned few things from those revolutions: Arab youth are so brave and strong despite that they were raised by the weakest Arab generation (sorry to say that but this is my opinion). And that there will be always some people, and thank God they are some, who are loyal to the regimes no matter how bad the regimes are. The problem that I can't tell if those people are stupid, ignorant, cowards, or that they just can't live without being insulted!!

I'm now praying for the people in Libya. I had my own experience with the revolution there as my brother was working in Benghazi and he just went back to Jordan last Thursday. It was so scary to hear the news when you have someone really close to you there. last Tuesday I was sick worried that I couldn't stop crying all day. I was sick worried about him and his wife and baby girl. But el7amdellah he made it home safe and sound after a rough trip through Egypt. When I was worried about my brother I thought about those who lost their loved ones in the revolution in Tunis, Egypt, and Libya. You need to be in their shoes to feel their pain. I'm so sorry for their losses.

I wrote the above post last night but I didn't feel posting it. I was not home most of the day today. I just came back, fed my baby and put him and the girls to bed. I wanted to post what I wrote but then I felt I want to add something, anything. I just want to talk. I'm feeling down, suddenly. I thought about calling my friend here but I couldn't, I didn't know what to say. I hate to be that weak and I just hate when my husband is far away and I can't talk to him!!!


  1. ان شاء الله بيرجع لكم بالسلامه

    وربنا يكون في عون الاهالي في ليبيا

  2. I miss you all wallah. It's tough when I'm in a time zone 13 hours ahead of you. Love you.

  3. Naysan,

    Ameen! Thanks 7abibti :)

  4. Habibi,
    So you finally said it in public! ;) You have no idea how much I miss you!
    Love you too!

  5. Nchallah, he will come home safe and sound. What do I say Susu :'( I completely understand the loneliness as I am becoming the queen of
    Call me if you need anything.
    Take care 7abibti

  6. He will be back soon and well inshAllah. Be strong my dear :)

  7. ربنا يكون بعونهم كلهم و يحماهم و يصبرهم ....والحمد لله على سلامه اخوكي وعيلته

    و ان شاء الله برجع زوجك بالسلامه

  8. Dr. N,
    Allah y3eenek w y2aweeky! Thanks 7abibti, I will inshallah :)

    I'm not sure why but I'm not as strong as I have to be, recently. I feel fragile most of the time :(
    Thanks ya amar :)

    Allah ysalmek 7abibti :)

  9. My first visit to your blog .. and for sure not the last ..
    inshallah your husband comes back besalama .. two more days :)

  10. Ohoud,
    Thanks 7abibti :)

    Welcome to my blog! He came back safe el7amdellah. Please come back :)

  11. Suzi,
    el7mdulellah 3la salamto sinan ana hala2 2aret ur blog,inshallah ma btefter2o ya suzan,kter btmana lo enk 2areba mni la2ni hadi msha3ri o ma 3arfa ala2i 7al o kol mali 3m at7atam o ma 3ad 3ndi self confedience abdan inshallah at summer i can meet u talk alot maybe i can getmyself back.
    love u dear

  12. sorry suzi ana hanadi

  13. 7abibti Hanadi,
    I'm sorry that you feel this way. I wish you live close. I always thought that you and I have a lot in common.
    We have to meet this summer. I miss you so much.
    Take care 7abibti!


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