Back under control

I'm just so proud of myself! I finally got my life organized and under control. It was uneasy and took a while but it worked. I now find myself able to work on my research, take care of my family, exercise, and hang out with my friends without feeling overwhelmed or overload. YAY!!

I'm also trying to get my emotions under control. I still don't feel like I'm fully back as before, so today I made some decisions or rules that I need to follow. I will discuss this here later. I just need to give myself time to see how good I will follow these rules!

It's me on the treadmill (behind the camera for sure!!)


  1. Glad that things are under control now. Maybe it was a kind of " Postpartum Depression" or something...
    Anyway, glad that everything is in its order and that you are back to your old self :)

  2. I guess you're right, Wafa'! kind of that depression. I couldn't avoid it after all. But el7amdellah I'm feeling waaaaaay better now :)

    Thanks ya amar!

  3. Al7amdolellah that u feel good now
    For me Sport can change my mood for sure :)


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