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I was thrilled last Friday when I heard that Mubarak stepped down. They finally did it! I was so proud of them.  
Long live Egypt

The snow in front of our house as of today 2/14. It started to melt down, finally! It hit 50 degrees today for the first time in months. The snow you see in the picture is the accumulation from the several snow storms hit us in the last couple of months. The last was two weeks ago.

I made this cake over the weekend. My hubby believes that I need to start thinking about having my own cake shop. I guess I might consider that if the PhD thing didn't work out :)


  1. Al7amdolellah for what happened in Egypt...they really make us all proud :)

    Here in Jordan there is no rain and it's very cold specially at night...Allahumma 2esqena al3'ayth wala t7remna ya rab

    YUMMY ...mashallah u r professional :)

  2. Amazing Cake!! I'm really impressed and your husband is right ;)!!

  3. ما شاء الله
    the cake looks perfect,and the cake shop is great idea,yet it's not easier than the phd.
    you can start at home for a beginning .

    يا ريت تبعتولنا شوية تلج من عندكم:)

  4. Whisper, nido, and naysan,
    Thanks for liking the cake. I really enjoy making such things. At least you see the good result of the hard work immediately!
    I thought Amman got good amount of rain in the last few weeks. Allah kareem :)

  5. i guess it's a face that you are an amazing cook especially with sweets and making cakes. yalla made me a chocolate one and send it my way :)

  6. Your husband is absolutely correct :) You are talented Susu :)

  7. Long love Egypt and the egyptians
    v proud 2 b 1 of them
    really so proud
    as for the cake , it is irresitable
    i am a cakholic
    tha's why i creat my blog
    or 3ayza akhes

    as for the snow, i have never saw it except in movies and posts
    i am enviying u a liell bit



  8. Wafa',
    men 3ioni, I wish I can send you some. Yallah come to visit and I'll make you some :)

    Thanks 7abibti! Sometimes I seriously think about having my own one! Who knows, I may have one soon. Will you be one of my customers? I'll ship to MA :)

    Thanks for stopping by! I agree we all want to lose weight no matter how thin we are :)


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