I'm in pain :(

I've been having a sore and tender gum for more than two weeks now. It's really bad that I bleed everytime I brush/floss my teeth or eat dry food. Besides the sore gum I started to have toothache one week ago. As soon as I felt the pain I decided to go to the dentist, I though was not happy to go because I know dental visits during pregnancy are not recommended but I had no other choice with all that pain.

I went to the dentist last week, and she told me that I have pregnancy gingivitis, which is very common during pregnancy. It is caused by the hormonal changes that increase the blood flow to the gum tissue and cause the gum to be more sensitive, irritable and swollen. She recommended scaling (deep cleaning), but she wanted a referral from my gynecologist first. For the toothache she told me that I need x-rays to tell what's wrong with my tooth, and that she doesn't recommend it unless the pain is really bad. She wanted a referral for the x-rays and any treatment I will need for that tooth.  I decided to get a referral for the scaling because I read online that gingivitis can cause preterm babies, and it should be treated during pregnancy. However, I decided to take the pain caused by my tooth and wait until I give birth. 

Unfortunately, the tooth pain is getting really bad that I can't stand it anymore. It's getting really bad that I can't even drink or eat. I don't think I will be able to wait on it nor ignore it, so the first thing I will do tomorrow is calling the women clinic to get a referral.

I just pray it won't be harmful to the baby.


  1. Salamat susu, I hope it's nothing serious and the pain goes away bsor3a.
    I had the same teeth problem during my both pregnancies and I did everything to get them fixed. X rays with double shields, deep cleaning, wisdom teeth pulling and I took the meds and all, il hamdillah 3addat 3ala khair.
    I couldn't bare the pain and I got it fixed no matter what.
    it's gonna be ok inshallah. Allah yi2awwiki:)

  2. Thanks Nido! You made me feel relieved. I called the women clinic, and they said it's not recommended to have scaling or x-rays during pregnancy :( I'm waiting to see the dentist to check what else I can do.
    Inshallah khair :)

  3. Salamtek Susu, Tooth pain is so bad and I know when you say you can't eat or drink, or sometimes wakes you up from sleep. Tawakali 3ala Allah and pray istikhara. InshaAllah khair my dear :)

  4. Allah ysalmek Ohoud! I will inshallah.
    Thanks 7abibti :)

  5. inshAllah this wont hurt the baby at all. Allh ye3enek ya rab.

    That's why mothers are the most amazing in the world. Thier only concerns is with the well being of their babies depite all :)

  6. Thanks Wafa'! Yes, mom are amazing, I can't agree more :)

  7. Salamat...hope u feel better now :(
    Tooth-pain is disaster Allah ye3enek

  8. Thanks Whisper! I feel much better now, el7amdellah. Glad you stopped by again :)


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