Ramadan at our house!

As six days have past, my Ramadan has been overwhelming so far. I was just able to fast for one day (the first day). I tried to fast again but I was so exhausted and I couldn't do it. 
The experience of my daughters has been interesting though! We are trying to make them fast as much as we can. In the last few days, my older one was able to fast for about six to seven hours a day which I think is not bad at all. My little one was able to fast for about 4 hours a day. However, whenever you ask her if she is fasting she will say "YES", even if her mouth is full of food :)

 Ramadan lights!

 Our Iftar on the first day of Ramadan


  1. Your girls are so cute :) So your little one is fasting even if she is eating Lol. The table is so yummy and elegant. The chicken makes me mouth watering especially that only half an hour is remaining for iftar. It's nice to create Ramadan atmosphere especially here when it's hardly to feel it. Don't be hard on your self. InshaAllah you will make them up after you have the baby.

  2. Yes Ohoud, I'm trying to create Ramadan and Eid atmosphere for my girls so they can feel and enjoy them!
    I gave up on fasting, inshallah I will make it up in the coming winter.
    I always love to hear from you. I hope your Ramadan is going well so far. TC


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