7 things I hate about myself!!

I don't know where did I get this post's idea from or why did I choose number 7! I just thought maybe confessing some of my weaknesses will make me feel better.
1. I get nervous so easily and this affects my performance badly sometimes.
2. I sometimes can't handle criticizing people no matter how close to me they are.  
3. I get emotional fast and sometimes cry in front of other people when I really don't want to.
4. I regret a lot and it takes me too long to get over stuff.
5. I get sick (REALLY sick) whenever my husband travels.
6. I can't get over fear of getting old and I get freaked out when I see any signs of this!
7. I can't be as good/strong Muslim as I wish to be.

I'm tagging you all to list the 7 things you hate about yourself. 


  1. You are definitely a Capricorn.

  2. (7. I can't be as good/strong Muslim as I wish to be) sadly none of us can, but we hope and then there is Allah forgivness and love :)

    Loved to know more about you, and to know how honest we are cuz we mostly tend to lable our 7 best not worse !! .

    will list mine very soon :)

  3. Looking forward to see your list Wafa'! It would be nice to know more about you too :)


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