Baby, baby, baby!!

Nowadays I can't stop thinking about my baby who will be coming late September early October. I can't stop looking for a name, buying new clothes, and looking for baby shower ideas. I really can't wait to see him, take him in my arms and hold him tight!

Baby names: I have been looking for a name since we have known the gender of the baby six weeks ago. My husband has already picked a name that he really likes so much. The name he has picked is Abdurahman. I really love the name but I find it a little bit long. Unless we find a nicer name in the remaining couple of months, Abdurahman will be the name of our baby, inshallah :)

Baby clothes: I really can't stop clothes shopping for the baby! Since I have two girls, I don't have any clothes for the coming baby boy. I'm trying to get the things that I really need and trying to convince myself that the baby will grow fast so not to buy too much! I took shots for some of the stuff I got in the last few week. Aren't they so cute? :)

Baby favors: I haven't started working on those yet. I still need to pick a theme, and make the decorations. My sister got me the chocolate from Amman but I still need to decorate them. I found some incredible ideas for baby favors online.


  1. Congratulations, so happy for you :) I like the name Abdurahman a lot. The clothes of course are cute. That is so exciting, Allah y2awmek bealsalameh

  2. Thanks Ohoud! Allah ye7melek your son. I like his name too, so cute :)

  3. ohh what a beautiful post.i was overwhelmeed reading this. You should save it so one day your baby will see how much his mom was waiting for him and how much she loved him even before his birth :)
    Tha picture are so cute and inshallah "malbos al 3afya" :)
    i wish i can be there to be in your baby shower but since i can not, please please tell me what you wish me to send you as a gift from Medina, please please :)

  4. Wafa',

    You are so sweet, and I'm really glad to have you as one of my readers :)

    I wish you can come too, I really do! Just keep making dua' for me and my family, this will be the best gift.

    By the way, I didn't know that you live in Medina, how lucky you are! I loved Medina so much when I was there last Hajj, and I found it the most spiritual place on earth. I always pray to be able to go back there again for Omrah or Hajj, inshallah. I enjoyed every step I made there because I thought it could be where our prophet's foot has stepped.

    Thanks 7abeebti again :)

  5. A baby boy!! that's so exciting :)) and I love the monkeys set!!
    Allah yi2awmik bissalameh and the name is one of my fav can always call him Abdul in this country...short and nice too ;)

  6. Thanks Nido 7abibti! I'm so excited :)


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