I'm not fat... I'm growing a baby!!!

When you are pregnant, it can be sometimes depressing to watch your weight go up, up, and up!! I've gained 20 pounds so far and I still have 17 weeks to go which makes me wonder how much more weight I will put on by the time I deliver my baby! I know dieting is never an option when you are expecting and so instead I'm trying to eat healthy as I can because it's really hard sometimes with all those food cravings.

I'm using an application to track my pregnancy week by week on my iPhone. It's called: What to expect. It's really cool, and I really love it. It gives really good information about what to expect when you're expecting. I was checking it yesterday when I read this about the worries I should have now about the weight gain. It asked me to repeat this sentence which I just wanted to repeat all the time: "I'm not fat, I'm growing a baby".
I'm not fat, I'm growing a baby :)


  1. and that's right.

    you are not fat, you are growing a baby :)

    And a healthy one inshAllah. i wish you a healthy pregnancy :)

  2. Inshallah 7abibty :)

    How is it going? I miss reading for you!

    I hope all is well with you dear!


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