What is a Midlife Crisis?

I was talking to my husband the other day and the phrase "Midlife Crisis" came by. We were talking about how some people change their life in a dramatic way sometime as they get older. Ridiculously, I sometimes use this word whenever I see a mid-age person does something to look younger, i.e. shaving his mustache, having a Botox, ..., etc. However, it's more serious than that!! The following is what I found online about the midlife crisis. I found it interesting since my husband and I are in our thirties!!! Thankfully, my husband is still growing a light beard and I have not done any Botox yet :)

Note: Don't forget to check the list above. My answers were "YES" to all of them except the Harley Davidson one ;)

"A midlife crisis is experienced between the ages of 40 and 60. It was first identified by the psychologist Carl Jung and is a normal part of the maturing process. Most people will experience some form of emotional transition during that time of life. A transition that might cause you to take stock in where you are in life and make some needed adjustments to the way you live your life. Most seem to come through the process smoothly without making major life changes.

For some, a midlife crisis is more complicated. It can be an uncomfortable time emotionally which can lead to depression and the need for psychotherapy. Those who have a hard time with this transitional stage might experience a range of feelings such as:
  • Unhappiness with life and the lifestyle that may have provided them with happiness for many years.
  • Boredom with people and things that may have been of interest to them before.
  • Feeling a need for adventure and change.
  • Questioning the choices, they have made in their lives and the validity of decisions they made years before.
  • Confusion about who they are and where they are going.
  • Anger at their spouse and blame for feeling tied down.
  • Unable to make decisions about where they want to go with their life.
  • Doubt that they ever loved their spouse and resentment over the marriage.
  • A desire for a new and passionate, intimate relationship. 
Most people who have a difficult time during midlife and go into crisis mode do so because of external factors. They may be experiencing stress in their life that makes the transition more difficult or they may have childhood issue that were never dealt with that come to the surface during this time."

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