Routine is back...

to our life after a busy Ramadan and a joyous Eid, el7amdellah. I always feel sad when Ramadan ends regardless of all the stress we go under in the holy month here in the states. May Allah give us the opportunity to be present for next Ramadan.

Our Eid was really good. We went to the prayer in the morning and then had breakfast there at the Masjid. We then headed home to call family and friends. After getting some rest, we went to one of our favorite places that we really miss in Ramadan, Barnes and Noble. At dinner time we went with our friends to a Mexican restaurant before heading to their house to have some tea. It was a fun and busy day!
On the second day of Eid we went to Sesame place amusement park with our friends. We spent the whole day there where the girls had so much fun. On Sunday, the last day of Eid, the girls went with their dad and bought their Eid's gift, a Wii. They used the money they got as a gift on Eid (3eedeyeh) to buy it. We spent the day playing with it. It's really cool :) 
I'm really happy that we were able to make the Eid joyous and fun for the girls!

I'm right now craving Turkish coffee!!! I'm trying to cut on caffeine when I'm pregnant but I sometimes can't. I guess as soon as I finish this post I will be fixing myself some and enjoy it with some of the dark chocolate I got from Belgium. Yes, these chocolate my husband got for me from Belgium. They are really yummy and irresistible. I also got a Lancome makeup palette, and the girls got stuffed bunnies. I just love gifts, who does not ? ;)

Thanks honey!

With less than 4 weeks to go, I'm really busy getting ready for delivery. I have too many things to do in the coming few weeks just like painting the baby's room, getting the furniture in it, hospital registration, and much much more. By the way, last week I bought this cute diaper bag. I really love it :)

That's it for now. Keep tuned for updates :)


  1. Seems like you have had a beautiful Eid, well you deserve it :)

    So it's 46 days to having your baby :), inshAllah it will be an easy delivery and inshAllah you will have a healthy baby who will be loved and cheriched from his family :)
    الله يقومك بالسلامه يارب

  2. I love the diaper bag! mabrookeh :)
    I used one the first couple of month for my 1st daughter but then I stopped and I started buying big purses instead and I left the diaper bag full in the car for emergencies!
    and sa7tain il chocolate lucky one, you get the best ones from Belgium :)

    Allah yisahhil 3alaiki ou t2oomi bissalameh you and baby boy :)

  3. Al7amdolellah that u had a wonderful Eid,and that u enjoy it specially that most of Moslem's in USA lost the meaning of Eid there :(

    Inshallah every thing will be ready before the delivery day, and u and the baby to be in a very good health

    sa7tean 3al chocolate, my aunt used to live in Belgium and there white chocolate were the best:)

  4. Wafa',

    Thanks 7abibti! I hope you had a good Eid too, you deserve to have a good one!

    Actually it's going to be less than 46 days; 4 weeks at most because I will have a C-section which will be scheduled few weeks earlier than my due date. I had two C-sections before and I have to go with a repeated one this time too.

    Just keep making dua for me and my baby, please! Take care dear!

  5. Nido,

    I'm glad you liked the bag. I just love it! The good thing about it that when I'm done using as a diaper bag I can use it as a laptop bag :)

    I wish I can share some of the chocolate with you. They're really good! I'm sure you have a lot of good food to enjoy in Amman now thought :)

    Thanks for your prayer! Inshallah everything will be okay.

  6. Whisper,

    I hope you had a good Eid too! Thanks for your prayer, inshallah khair :)

    Yes for the chocolate! Their chocolate is the best! Take care ya amar :)


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