In four years..

Good morning,

I'm so sleepy this morning. I don't get enough sleep at all these days. Anyway, I hope I will get better sleep in the week left of Ramadan. My husband is coming today, and I guess him being away is one of the reasons that I can't sleep well during the night. Also, this weekend will be a long one due to Labor Day on Monday which means I can stay longer in bed in the morning :)
Following Wafa' s tag (I know this is kind of late), here are some of the things that I hope to happen to me in the coming four years:

1. Where do I want to be in four years? 
Absolutely in Amman! I hope we will be back home by then, settled down in our own house.
I can't deny that I love it her in the US, and that I have too many friends here, but I just can't imagine myself and my family living here forever. We have to go back home someday, and if we have to, it should be sooner while the kids are young enough to adjust to life there. I don't want it to be hard on them which will be so hard on us too. I want my kids to raise in a normal way without thinking or feeling different. My first priority is to raise them in a right Islamic way. Many will say that I can do that here, I know, but that will put too much pressure on them and me.  

2. What do I hope to happen in four years
I hope to be a better Muslim. I just wish I can do something good for Islam, anything! I always wish to give a good impression of Islam and a bright picture for a Muslim woman because this could be a call "Da3wa" to Islam. 
I also wish we will be able to go Omra with the girls. My husband and I have been blessed by doing Hajj last year. However, it was too crowded to enjoy both Harams. So we decided, inshallah, to go there again for Omra and to take the girls with us so we all enjoy worshiping there.

3. I hope to have a good job in four years. Maybe be a teaching position at a good university (assuming I will be done with my PhD degree by then)! I also hope to run my own business on the side. A business that is related to something I like, for example Hijab fashion, cooking, home decor, or all together! Big dreams, I know :)

4. Finally, as Wafa' mentioned, I just hope my family and I will be in a better place, emotionally and financially.  
I also wish to love and be loved more :) 


  1. love reading your goals, dear :)

    i know it's hard to raise kids in America to be a better Muslims but it's not impossible, so if the chances to go back to Amman didn't come anytime soon, then don't be hard on yourself. Maybe it's your destiny to show the real face of Islam, the beautiful face from there. Maybe that's your da2wa :)

    And inshallah you will finish your Phd soon and get the dream of your life.

    btw, if you ever come to do Omra and visited Medina, you have to come and see me :)

  2. Mashallah ...u r "7ajjeh" :)
    I hope to go to Hajj or Omrah :( sooooooooon inshallah

    Inshallah God helps u in achieving all ur goals before the 4 years pass

  3. Wafa',

    Who knows what will happen in four years! I just wish we can go back. Inshallah khair!

    And I will sure come to visit you when we come to Medina, inshallah. It will be so nice to meet you :)

  4. Whisper,

    Yes, I'm 7ajjeh :) Thanks ya amar!


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