A busy week

First, I just posted two new recipes, so check them out. I was supposed to post them last week, but I was too busy that I couldn't. I have some more recipes to post, and I will do as soon as I can.

One of those recipes is my younger daughter (Lily)'s birthday cake. She turned 4 on April 14th. I made her a fondant cake, and this by the way is my second fondant cake.

She wanted a pink cake. She also wanted a cat or a horse on the top, and wanted the cake to be decorated with different cool colors. I tried to add everything she wanted to the cake, and it was not bad. My two girls enjoyed watching me making it. Lily felt so special that day :)

I'm planning to clean my house today. I have tons of things to do. Monday is always a cleaning day for me but today it's going to be Spring cleaning. It's good because the weather is so bad outside that I have no desire to go out. It has been raining all night and it's going to continue all day today. I need to finish all cleaning today because I have to go back to my research work tomorrow. I'm also invited to ladies' lunch at my neighbor's house tomorrow. She is a nice lady from Afghanistan. I like such gatherings where I get the chance to meet other ladies.

last Thursday, I had a very nice day with one of my best friends. We spent the whole day together. What was special about that day that we were kids-free. It was a "bring your child to work" day, so her kids went with their dad to work. My husband also took my older daughter with him. My younger one went to school and I was able to leave her for extra couple of hours.

We met at 9:00 am before heading to NJ. We stopped at a small bakery
on the way and ate breakfast. We were heading to a nice mall that is 45 minutes away from my place. As soon as we arrived we got some coffee before starting shopping. I guess we did too much shopping and talking that it was not that long before we felt hungry again! We ate our lunch at a very nice Italian restaurant. We then did more shopping, and more talking, before heading back to Easton. It was an unforgettable day.


  1. i like no cakes but choclate ones. But this one looks delicious and yummy.

    Happy birthday to your daughter and inshallah al3omr kollh :)

  2. Thanks Wafa'. You're so sweet! BTW, this is a chocolate cake, so I'm sure you'll love it :)
    Take care 7abibiti.

  3. what a nice blog you have! and your dishes look so good :)
    I'm glad you passed by my blog and left me a comment so I could visit here.
    Good luck with your PhD, masha'Allah, keeping yourself busy :)

  4. Thanks nido! I'm glad you liked my blog, your blog is very nice as well. I noticed that you have a cooking blog, so I guess we have some common interests :)
    Hope you come back to check my blog soon.
    Take care 7abibti!


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