It took until June, actually!

Today I sent the research paper to my advisor. Yeah, finally! I was so optimistic in my previous post when I thought it would be in April.

The question now, did I achieve all the things I listed in that post by now? Let's see:

  • It's officially Spring here. But it took until the end of May for Spring and warm weather!
  • Baby Aboudy is much bigger mashallah! He crawls now, but he still, sometimes, wakes up once during the night! But I sleep much better, elhamdulellah.
  • Unfortunately, I'm not back to my pre-pregnancy weight yet. I look much better and I feel so close but still need to work more on those extra pounds!
  • It's only 18 days till our trip to Amman. And I still miss my family and friends so much! I also still need to do tons of shopping!
  • DONE!
  • CLEAR!

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