Sinan's perfume!


It's 7:45 am. Everyday around this time, and just after Sinan and Lina leave to work/school, I fix my morning coffee, check my email, news, and update my to-do-list for the day before starting my daily work on research. But this morning I felt like writing, I'm not sure why. Maybe because of Sinan's perfume that I smell everywhere in the office right now. It's so nice and fresh. It made me feel good and happy regardless of all the work that is waiting for me today.

I was so glad yesterday for the feedback I got on my cooking post. Thank you all! More recipes on the way, I promise!

That's it for now. I have to start working. Yesterday I spent the whole day working on the code that Sinan and I spent the whole Saturday's afternoon working on it, and guess what, it still doesn't give me any make-sense results :(

Take care!

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