Friday favorites

Happy Friday, everyone! And happy long weekend. It's cold and rainy here in South East PA. I hope you have better weather with some outdoor plans.

Here are some of my favorite finds from around the web. I hope you enjoy them!

Makeup: I saw this tutorial on youtube the other day, and I really liked how simple it is. You can see a big difference between before and after the makeup. The only thing, however, that I'm not a big fan of Lancome. I read online that they test their products on animals, and so I stopped buying their products long time ago. But I guess you can purchase your favorite makeup brand and apply those hints. No big deal!

On my hunt for a white eyeliner, I found this white kohl from Make Up forever. I love it!

DIY: I want to try Pallet gardening next year. It looks awesome.

Bread: I made plain braided bread several times but I never stuffed it. This braided lemon bread looks so yummy.

Appetizer: Although I always make Falafel at home, one of my favorite things about going to Jordan next month is that I will be able to eat Falafel, hummus, and hot pita bread all the time, anytime. YAY! Those Falafel in the picture look so good.

Cake: I guess my kids will love this zebra cake. It looks amazing.

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