Cake shop

Sometimes I seriously think about making a cake shop. My own cake shop. Maybe one day, who knows!!

I really enjoy making cakes. Check the pictures below for some of the cakes I made over the past couple of years.

 My daughter's Birthday cake

 My friend's Birthday cake

 Hubby's Birthday cake

 Strawberry cake

  Swiss rolls

Coffee cake


  1. ما شاء الله مبدعه :)

    كتير بفكر بالناس اللي بتغير حياتها و اتجاهاتها لتعمل شي بتحبه

    و كتير بقدّر شجاعتهم و روح المغامره و التجربه عندهم... بشجعك و بقوه و خصوصا انك ما شاء الله بتحبّي هالشي فاكيد راح تبدعي اكتر و اكتر

  2. a friend of mine started making cupcakes.. about 5 months ago.. and moved to cakes and in just 7 months she was asked to be interviewd on saba7 il khier ya arab and they showd her cakes! once u set ur mind to it ! u an do it!! :) its a competitive business though but im sure you will stand out!

    :) wa when ur famous.. i would love to have some cake pls


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