Still here!

I know that I have been away for a long time. I just didn't feel blogging. No other reasons to be honest. Being busy is not the reason, since I'm always busy! Really BUSY!

I have been looking recently for an in-home babysitter, and I finally found one. She is a young Egyptian lady. Hubby and I went on a date the other night. A real no-kids-date! It was one of those unforgettable nights. Having a babysitter on call is priceless!

I also found a new Arabic teacher for my daughters. I'm so glad that I have finally found a good one. Talking about the girls, I also signed them up for private swimming classes at the YMCA. Between my dissertation, girls' classes, household duties, and my baby boy, I'm going to be fully booked this year!

Now let's talk shopping! I have bought this shirt from H&M few weeks ago. It's so light and airy! I love it because it works with hijab so well. It's loose and long and there is no need to wear anything underneath, which makes it perfect for summer days.

Hubby and the girls just went to the movies. They went to watch Lion King in 3D. So I found it a good chance to blog, and I'm glad I did!

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