What do you expect?!

I've decided to lower my expectations because I've discovered that they are (for some) unrealistically high. This should be my strategy for getting more peace of mind, hopefully

"The higher my expectations, the lower my serenity."


  1. The curious question is: expectations for what! and from who? this what determines when to lower your expectations.

  2. I am torn between saying yes that's exactly what you should do and no you shouldn't lower your expectations but actually try your best to get to them no matter how high they are, So..

  3. Dr. N,
    My expectations of everything in my life . I feel like I'm setting them, sometimes, really high and then feel so bad and disappointed when I discover that I can't reach them :(

    I feel exactly the same. I'm torn between both choices. I think I need to compromise!

    Thanks sweet ladies for the comments :)


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