My hubby came back last Thursday. YAY!! It was the best day ever after a rough week. I know I need to be tougher in such situations but it didn't work this time. El7amdellah he is back safe and sound. BTW, He got me these things from Singapore :)

 gold ring

 silk fabric 

Nothing new other than that. I work on my research regularly. I did a lot of shopping in the last couple of weeks, and I got a lot of things for myself (makeup, boots, purse, and clothes). Amman in the air, I guess!! We booked the tickets for this June :)

My baby is getting bigger. He is gonna turn 5 months tomorrow. I started giving him solid food such as cereal and mashed fruits. He still wakes once or twice during the night. Recently, he is giving me hard time to sleep outside the house. The only place he can sleep in is the car while moving. I find this annoying when we are visiting some friends during night time. I wish I can take his room with me sometimes. I can't deny that he is a good boy and even when he is not feeling good he is not that annoying but still I find it uncomfortable. Do you think that I need to stop visiting friends late until he is bigger, or what do I need to do?


  1. I hate visiting friends with kids around, especially when they attached to their beds. Zuzu and Kareem sued to be that way. The best idea is to try to find a baby sitter that you can hire to take care of the girls and Aboody while you are out. Start with little time spans (30 minutes) and increase gradually until you feel that the kiddos are comfortable with her. That’s my 2 cents, hope it will help :) mabrook elhadaya, elgayeb elek wel hadyeh elna…lol

  2. الحمد لله على سلامة زوجك و الف مبروك الهدايا مع ان المثل بحكي ...الغايب الكم و الهدايا النا بس يلااا مبرووووكين عليكي :)

    ما شاء الله صار ماشي 5 شهور!!! الوقت بطير طيران ربنا يحماه و يخليلكم اياه و يخليكم اله يا رب
    كل شهر و كل يوم و هو بالف خير

  3. الحمدلله ع سلامتو
    وحلوين الهدايا...تتهني يا رب

    تنوروا عمان قريبا ان شاء الله

  4. Dr. N,
    The girls are not a problem at all for me because they play with my friends' kids who are in their ages. Actually my favorite thing about our weekend gatherings that our kids get together. As you know it's good for our kids to know other Muslim and Arab kids. So I'm not sure about the babysitter option. I will see what I can do!
    3ala 7sabek elhadaya :)

    3ala 7sabek 7abibti! kolek zo2 :)

    Thanks! I loved the gifts too! I can't wait to get to Amman :)

  5. Thanks Amnah! Glad you stopped by :)


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