16 days postpartum

Too busy to blog!!! Still recovering from the C-section, I'm feeling much better though! My last two weeks were all about breastfeeding, changing diapers, sleeping, taking pain medicine, and eating well :) El7amdellah that my husband was there to take care of the girls and everything else!

Here is a summary of the last 16 days: I gave birth on Monday Oct 11th, and I stayed at the hospital until Thursday. Unfortunately baby Abdurahman lost 10% of his weight at the hospital. I had to check with the doctor on the next Monday. While his weight was okay, he had a high Jaundice which required a daily blood test for 4 days. I had to cease breastfeeding for few days and just give him formula. El7amdellah, this strategy worked with him well and we were able to control the Jaundice without any other treatment. I resumed breastfeeding as soon as he felt better. It was scary!

I also resumed my daily activities as my husband had to go back to work last Monday. It feels good to be back :)

Talking about getting back, I guess I need to get back in shape too!! I gained about 50 pound this pregnancy :(. I lost about 20 so far. I need to work on the other 30 in the coming few months without affecting my milk supply. It's going to be hard, I think!! :)


  1. الحمد لله على سلامتكم مره تانيه

    و سلامة قلبه عبد الرحمن ...ما عليه شر

    هلأ و مع 3 اطفال ما شاء الله..لا تحملي هم راح ينزل وزنك لوحده :)

  2. Mashallah, 2 weeks already!
    I'm glad you're back on track and inshallah in no time you'll lose all the excess weight, try to enjoy eating these days, at least you have an excuse ;) This is what I keep telling myself!

  3. Don't worry, your milk supply will not be affected by a good nutritional diet with less on the plate. The key is staying hydrated, drink lots of water when you are hungry, get your calcium from yogurt (cheese is high in fat, milk could make the baby fussy)

    My fav meal is a cup of yogurt, a tablespoon of powdered milk for more calcium, a teeny bit of honey, a half cup of rolled oats, crushed walnuts, 1/2 cup apples or bananas (potassium) or kiwis. A high fibre, high calcium, high protein, low fat meal.

  4. Whisper,

    ضحكتيني :)
    I agree! I've got my hands full :)
    I sometime wonder how our families used to have 4+ kids while I barely can manage it with two and three!!!
    Thanks for the support sweetie :)

  5. nido,

    Yeah, 2 weeks already! I can't believe how time flies!! I can't wait until he is one month old. Everything about him will be predictable by that time!

    I'm trying to eat healthy as much as I can. I feel like I lost all the pregnancy appetite I used to have until couple of weeks ago. I even boil fenugreek seeds and drink to increase my milk because I feel that I'm not eating as much as I'm supposed to :)
    Mashallah, I looked at your pictures and you look great already :)

  6. Kinzi,

    You made my mouth watering :) Thanks for the advice! I'm drinking lots of water because nursing is making me so thirsty. I need to focus more on my diet though!

    Thanks for the nice comments :)

  7. Susu, welcome back, I missed you :)So happy for you. Glad that baby is doing good el7amdollah. Don't worry about weight, you will lose it, just focus on your diet so it won't affect baby feeding.

  8. Ohoud,

    I missed you too :) This is what I'm hoping! Thanks 7abibti. Glad to see your comment ;)


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