Hummus War!!!

I was watching tv when this came up:

"Lebanese score in hummus war with Israel. Lebanese chefs prepared a massive plate of hummus weighing over two tons Saturday that broke a world record organizers said was previously held by Israel — a bid to reaffirm proprietorship over the popular Middle Eastern dip. Lebanese businessmen accuse Israel of stealing a host of traditional Middle Eastern dishes, particularly hummus, and marketing them worldwide as Israeli."

Honestly, I thought this the silliest thing ever. I was wondering if this is the only thing that Israel has stolen from Arabs. Maybe this is the only war we can win!! I find this ridiculous. It would have been better to cook all that food, which will most likely go to waste before being eaten, and give it to needy and poor people in Arab countries!!


  1. Hey, add this to the largest Labneh sandwich (, and few more Baba-Ghanouj and Tabouleh dishes, and we may get Palestine back! God knows if we move to meat dishes what might happen.

    All kidding aside, I too believe in better marketing of our culture outside of the middle east, but this is not what's gona' do it.

  2. that's all we can do and achieve more food, big food, long food, bigger food. i am so mad at this stupidity. we couldn't got the land so we go the food !!!
    hope that the whole food was eaten at least .


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