Our coming trip

We're leaving to Amman this Saturday, inshallah. We will stay there for 3 days and then we'll start our Haj trip. We'll stop by Medina for few days and then go to Mecca. I still can't believe it. I pray everything goes well and that we have a safe trip. I will leave my daughters with their grandparents for 11 days. This is my first time to be away from my children. It's going to be so hard on me and them. I'm trying not to think about it, because I have no other choices. Inshallah Khair.

I have been working on the preparation for this trip for 2 weeks now. I went shopping like a million times and I'm not done yet. I had to buy lots of clothes for the girls. The problem that I totally forgot how the weather looks like in Jordan at this time of the year. I also had to buy some stuff for my brother's wedding. This part was the best. I love the dresses and the
accessories I got for the girls and myself :)
I was planning to finish shopping today but I couldn't, which means I will have another shopping trip tomorrow's morning.

I will be busy all day tomorrow. I will be cleaning the house, doing laundry,..., and PACKING. I'm so excited and happy. I'm so concerned and worried
at the same time. The girls and Sinan are so excited. We will be having fun at the airport and on airplane. I'm sure that the girls will enjoy every minute.

I guess this post will be my last one until I come back. So, take care and please pray for us. May Allah accept our Haj and grant us an easy and safe trip. Ameen.

Take care!

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  1. Salam, have a safe trip and accepted haj inshallah. How did you have time with all the things that you had to do to blog and change the layout? ...:D
    Pretty though. I'll be missing you :)
    Take care my friend


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